Elizabeth Grant | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Hey there! I’m Elizabeth, a Connecticut based Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer.

I’m a laid back, fun loving person. I love cheesy jokes, a cold Sam Adams Boston Lager, and Friends on repeat. I have to brag for a second, my job is the best. I get to meet new people all the time, explore ridiculously beautiful places, and capture pure bliss between couples…this is my dream job.

My clients become friends and my sessions become hang outs. I get so emotionally invested in every couple that when the bride stands there for the first time looking at herself in her dress, or the groom buckles at the knees because she’s taken his breath away, or dad has given a touching toast…well…my eyes start sweating…I’m not crying, you’re crying! By getting to know my couples the way I do, they are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and can enjoy their wedding day instead of feel like they are posing for the camera all day.

So are you engaged? Wanna get to know and hang out with someone who will also take photos of you and your lover? Then get in touch and lets chat!

Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute of Photography in California. She studied with a Boulder, Colorado based wedding and family photographer for five years, where she discovered her style and technique.

Her photographic range encompasses wedding and lifestyle photography. She is currently based in Connecticut and embraces opportunities to travel to new places.

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