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Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer currently working from and living in my hometown of Wallingford, Connecticut.

I studied photojournalism at an art school in California and after graduating, moved to Colorado, where I lived for almost five years, working closely with a wedding and family photographer in the area. After almost ten years of being ‘out West’, I missed so many things about the East Coast…the beach, warm lobster rolls with butter, pizza, Dunkin’…OK, so I missed the food. So in 2013, I moved myself and my business back home.

I have met some amazing couples and families that truly made my heart grow. It’s because of these people that I am able to wake up every morning and continue my dream job. For that, I am grateful.

Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute of Photography in California. She studied with a Boulder, Colorado based wedding and family photographer for five years, where she discovered her style and technique.

Her photographic range encompasses wedding, family, food and lifestyle photography. She is currently based in Connecticut and embraces opportunities to travel to new places. When she’s not glued to her computer or camera, you can find her grabbing a beer with friends or lounging on the couch binge watching TV.

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