I am one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to do something I absolutely love for a living. Documenting love and life in a way that my couples will look back on for years to come is truly an honor.

My couples are never just “another client” and my attention and focus are completely yours. I limit how many weddings I do a year to be able to completely devote my time, energy and passion on each couple. After our initial consultation over a coffee or a beer, we’ll feel like old friends, and as your friend, I want to work with you while you plan your wedding. Your wedding day shouldn’t feel like you’re running around to a bunch of appointments. We’ll plan the day so that you’ll be able to fully enjoy every bit of it— you’ll be able to mingle at cocktail hour, sit down and enjoy dinner, and bust a move on the dance floor. At the end of the day, you’re hiring a photographer/wedding planner/ friend/ concierge/ right-hand-woman/ whatever else you may need.

wedding experience


So you’ve just gotten engaged.

Next, you’re probably feeling little over whelmed with wedding planning….and THAT’S OK! It can totally be overwhelming and emotional, but take a deep breath and just remember what the end goal is… you’re marrying your best friend.

After you’ve booked your venue you should probably think of the next big ticket items : photography, caterer, dj. I’m currently booking 12-18 months in advance for peak season (September-Decemeber) 9-12 months for summer month. I don’t think there is really a “wedding season” any more, but just know that October and November are two very popular months.

I know you’ve probably looked at what seems like hundreds of photography websites. Not only are you looking at photos to find the style that you like, but keep in mind that you’re hiring someone that it going to be by your side for 8 hours of your wedding. You should feel comfortable with and have trust in the photographer you choose. Here’s an inside look at what it’s like working with Elizabeth Grant Photography and some answers to some frequently asked questions.


The best way to find out if you’re date is available is to fill out the contact form on my website. Please try to avoid sending DM’s because sometimes they get lost or I won’t see it for a few days. From there, I’ll send you my pricing brochure and I’ll ask some questions to get to know you two as a couple and try to understand your vision for the day.


Once you’ve received my pricing brochure and you’re thinking you want to move forward, we’ll set up a time to meet in person and grab a bite to eat or a drink and get to know each other. Or if meeting in person is challenging because of schedules or distance, we can FaceTime, Skype, or plain ol’ phone call. Typically these meetings/phone calls last 60-90 minutes. Think of it as a first date where we see if our personalities vibe.

How do we know you’re the photographer for us?

Great question! There are so many amazing and talented photographers and the perfect one is out there for you. There are two things I tell all my couples: 1. You should like me. I’m going to be with you for 95% of the time of the one day you will never forget. 2. You should trust me. Trust me that I’m going to take care of you and make sure that you’re day is even more perfect than you imagined and that I’m going to photograph your wedding exactly as you envisioned it.

What collection is going to be best for us?

While we get to know each other, we’ll start talking about the details of the wedding. I’ll run through a sample timeline of what your day might look like based on those details (I know it may be limited, so nothing is set in stone at this point and your timeline will/ might change) but this will help you two get a better idea for what your day might look like and how much you want me there. Every person, couple, and wedding is unique, so we’ll make sure that we create something unique for you.

bride and groom kissing photo
Intimate Forest Wedding


Yay! This part is my favorite because I feel so lucky and honored that you want me to document your special day! The logistics to booking is that 50% of the total amount of your collection and a signed contract is due to secure your date. You’ll e-sign the contract via my client management system and you can pay with credit card through there or mail a check (no discounts are offered for cash payments)

Engagement Session

Once all the “official paperwork” has been taken care of, we’ll schedule your engagement session. Engagement sessions are so important to me and because of this, they are all complimentary in every collection I offer. This is a chance for us to hang out and get to know each other a little more. I’ll see how the two of you interact and you’ll see how I work behind the camera. Engagement Sessions last at least an hour and can be as long as 3 hours…just depending on what we plan.

I know you’ll probably have a ton of questions on what to wear and what to expect and I will send you all that information in my Wedding Guide.


About 6 weeks before your wedding I’ll send you a questionnaire asking the who’s who and what’s what of the day. From this information I’ll create a timeline of your day in terms of photos as well as a family photo shot list (to make sure we don’t forget specific combinations of family members) After I’ve completed this run down of your day, I’ll send you a copy and we’ll review together at our final meeting.

Final Meeting

This is where we’ll all get together and talk details of the day. You two, me, and my second shooter will walk the venue together (ideally) or grab a bite to eat to discuss locations, important photos, and review the timeline together so that we are all in the know. The last thing I want to do on your wedding day is waste time thinking about locations or trying to track down people for photos. This meeting will give everyone the information to have a successful, stress free day.

Pop the Champagne!

All you hard work has paid off and today is the day that you marry your favorite person in the world! We are there for you every step of the way helping you navigate the day while photographing all the beautiful moments and details.

Tyrone Farm Wedding
Ceremony at St. Sebastians Church

Delivery of your images

The week after your wedding you can expect a few images for a sneak peek. You’ll receive an online gallery to view your images 6-9 weeks after your wedding date. A customized thumb drive of your engagement session and wedding jpgs will arrive shortly after.

How many photos do you deliver from our wedding?

This depends on how long we are with you on your day. Typically, you can expect about 75-100 images per hour.

Do you give out the RAW Images?

Unfortunately, I do not deliver or allow my clients to view all of the RAW, unedited images. I select which images look best from the wedding day, edit and deliver those (trust me, you’ll see all the great moments!)

What happens after we get our images?

Our relationship does not end when the music stops! I’m your girl for when you start a family, for anniversary sessions, or anything in between. If you want to order an album or prints for your walls, shoot me an email and I’ll walk you through the process and custom design an album for you and help you choose the best size for your photos If you want to grab a beer just to hang out and catch up, I’m game! I’ve built lasting relationships with all my couples and I’m so happy to hear from you after your wedding, so please don’t be a stranger.


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