How do we know that you’re the perfect photographer for our wedding?

Great question! Before you make any final decisions about hiring me, we should meet. We can grab coffee and donuts or beer and tacos, but regardless, we should get to know each other so we can find out if our personalities blend well together. After that initial meeting and figuring out if I’m in your budget, you should go with your gut. Go with a photographer that is going to make you feel comfortable and relaxed the day of the wedding.

I don’t see a Wedding Collection that fits my needs, do you offer custom packages?

ABSOLUTELY! Every person, couple, and wedding is different. If there is something that you don’t see, let’s customize your package to best suit what you want.

Do you offer Wedding Albums?

I do! I highly recommend creating a beautiful, custom album with the images from your wedding, engagement session, or family session!

How many photos will we get from our wedding?

This depends on how long we are with you on your day. Typically it’s about 75-100 images per hour. I do give a few options of some photos because you may think your hair looks better in one and I may think it looks better in another…but ultimately you can decide that.

How long until I can see my photos?

You’ll receive an online gallery to view your images 6-8 weeks after your wedding date. A customized thumb drive of your engagement session and wedding will arrive shortly after.

Do you give RAW images or allow me to see these?

Unfortunately, I do not allow my clients to view all of the RAW, unedited images. I select which images look best from the wedding day, edit and deliver those.


What should I wear on my engagement session?

We can definitely talk ideas for outfits, but typically you’d like to have 2 options, one casual and one maybe a bit more formal. White sundresses are always a good idea, ladies. And guys, slacks and a button down shirt for at least the more formal part of our session is a perfect option.

What is your real job?

This is it! I’m a full-time, professional photographer. This is not my hobby or my side business. I don’t do this because “it’s good money” or “because I have a nice camera and thought I’d give it a shot.” I studied Photo Journalism at Brooks Institute of Photography and also with a wedding and family photographer based in Boulder, Colorado for 5 years. I do this because I absolutely love what I do. I love to connect with new couples, create lasting relationships and amazing images! I am so fortunate to be able to wake up every morning and go to work (aka my home office/living room) and be a photographer.

Family/Maternity/Newborn Sessions

What locations do you recommend?

What locations do you want? We can explore a forest, go to a park, the beach, the lavender fields (seasonal) your home…the list goes on. I’m a natural light photographer, so as long as we have some natural light to work with, we can do wherever you’d like!

I saw these photos on Pinterest, can we do those?

I love Pinterest! But I only use it as a source of inspiration and to get an idea of what you’re looking for. We can work together to create some amazing, creative photos that are unique to you and your family.

What do I wear?

Good questions, most of the time I don’t know what to wear either! Depending on the season, I have recommendations. I will send you a style guide when you book your session to give you a few ideas about what colors work well together and how to look stylish without looking to matchy-matchy. You can always turn to Pinterest too! They have great recommendations on outfits for the family. Me on the other hand, will probably be wearing jeans and a t-shirt because I run around, climb trees, roll in the dirt-whatever it takes to get a good photo. If you’ve booked a newborn session with me, I won’t wear anything nice because there are hazards to this job… aka…poop and spit up. So bare with me-I’ll look presentable, but I won’t be in a pant suit. 🙂

What is your photography style?

My style is lifestyle/photojournalistic style. I want to tell the story of your family. I will guide you into a flattering pose or situation, but then I like to capture you with your family being who you all are. You will have a selection of fun candid photos as well as posed, standard portraits.

Will I receive the rights to all of the photos you take and edit, or just a select few, or do I have to purchase them?

You will be able to download the images from the online gallery in full resolution and take them to print where ever you choose. You may post, share, print the photos from your session. If you submit the photos to any publication, you must credit Elizabeth Grant Photography and please let me know.

How can I prepare my family for the session?

Newborn Session

1. A quiet, calm house works best for these sessions. While the babies are sleepy, it’s best to just keep the area calm and quiet to assure that the baby stays calm and quiet.

2. A warm room also helps. As adults, we will sweat, but the baby will be cozy when we take those cute photos of them wrapped in a very thin little blanket.

3. Don’t try and keep your baby awake if they start to dose when I get there. It’s best to keep them on the schedule they are on and if they are sleeping when I get there, we will get right to business. If they aren’t sleeping, then we’ll hang out and take some family photos and work on getting baby back to sleep.

Family Sessions

1. Depending on the age of your kids, these items tend to help the session run smoothly.Treats, snacks, water, juiceboxes, favorite toys, stuffed animals.

2. Schedule your session either well before or well after naptime. Sleepy kids make cranky kids make cranky parents. I want everyone to be happy and smiling and having fun!

Can I bring guests?

While I would love an audience, please don’t bring any family members or friends who are not going to be photographed to your session. While you may want help to get your kids to smile, I assure you that I will be able to scare away the shyness from your little ones. The more people watching the photo session, the more distracted your family will become. Instead, think of our session as fun, carefree, and a memorable time!

Do you allow outfit changes?

Yes! As long as we plan for them and it fits in your sessions time.

Can I suggest poses?

Sure, I love working with my clients to create lasting memories for these photos. We’ll do some of your poses and some of mine, this is team work 🙂

How long until I can see my photos?

You’ll receive an online gallery to view your images 2-3 weeks after your sessions date.

Do you offer prints, albums, other items to display my family’s photos?

YES! Let’s talk about your wants and needs! I offer lots of great things to display your photos.